Legitimately, BURO Bangladesh is governed by two hierarchies

  • General Body
  • Governing Body

BURO Bangladesh strictly follows the ‘Code of Corporate Governance for Bangladesh’ prepared by the taskforce on corporate governance to develop corporate culture step by step. A seven-member Governing Body (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Finance Secretary and four Members) are vested with the governance and the management of the organization. The Executive Director is not a member of the Governing Body but works as an ex-officio secretary. The Governing Body is elected bi-annually from a body of 15 general members, who come from different professions and arena viz. business, banking, law, academics, journalism, and social development.

A.  General Body: The General Body is formed comprising of all the members fulfilling the conditions stated above. The General Body is the highest controlling authority for any issue of the organization. The General Body meets once a year and the list of the members is finalized by the members of the Executive Committee before each Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the General Body will be organized within fifteen days notice. Any urgent meeting of the General Body shall be called within seven days notice.

B.   Executive Committee (Governing Body): The Executive Committee comprising of seven members will approve the policies and plans of the organization. The composition of the Executive Committee is: Chairperson (01), Member Secretary (01), Treasurer (01), Members (04). The Executive Committee will employ an Executive Director for overall responsibilities in order to facilitate activities of the organization. The Executive Director will be the Member Secretary of the organization. The meeting of the Executive Committee will be called within seven days notice which shall be held at least once in every after four months of the year. The urgent meeting of the Executive Committee will be held within a notice of 24 hours.

The Executive Committee will be elected for two years at the Annual General Meeting of the General Body. For any reason, if the AGM could not be held as scheduled, the Executive Committee will continue its function till holding the next AGM.