Expertise on Food Security:

BURO Bangladesh was one of the large and efficient partners of the just ended SHOUHARDO Program (first phase) under CARE Bangladesh. BURO successfully accomplished all its assigned activities with full of quality with in the budgeted amount and time frame. Through effective implementation of this large project of food security in four upazilla, BURO gather huge experience and expertise on food security program.

Expertise on Economic Development activities:

From its inception BURO has been working with the poor women to enhance their Economic Development activities in its working areas. BURO provides small loan and business development services (BDS) including need based training and orientation for easy implementation of their income generating activities. At present BURO provides its financial and BDS services to approximately 810,000 poor women all over the country and create employment opportunity. Recently BURO introduces micro-enterprise development program to boost up economic development activities that ultimately contributes to the country economy.

Experience on food distribution management:

BURO have extensive experience in food distribution management. The partnership with the SHOUHARDO Program (first phase) added more value and enriched the experience level of BURO.

Under this project BURO distributed huge amount of humanitarian aids to the Pregnant Mothers and Lactating Mothers with . Here is snap shot:

  • Project Implementation committee formation:
  • Food supplement for pregnant women and lactating mother through registration and validation: Distribution of health card:
  • Food distribution:

Experience on civil construction works:

BURO Bangladesh has been implemented successfully different infrastructure activities by the support of different donors.

Name of Activity Quantity
New house construction for the flood victims 1300
Household based Latrine construction 450
House hold plinth Raising 321
Bamboo made Bridge 31
Institutional Field Development 30
New Tubewell Isntallation 22
Tubewell Platform Construction 1614
Dug well 03
Box Culvert Construction 02
Community Latrine 02
School Renovation 02

Expertise on Climate Change adaptation activities including Disaster Preparedness, Response and Rehabilitation

BURO Bangladesh has demonstrated its abilities to adopt necessary measures at pre-disaster situation and challenge the onslaughts of natural disaster during and post disaster situation as well as   Climate Change adaptation activities. BURO possess a large Disaster Management Program with skilled manpower.

In many natural disasters occurred in last 15 years BURO had taken emergency relief programs with the financial and food assistance from SDC, USAID, UNDP, DFID, WFP, UNICEF, CARE, EC and other donors. It has significant experience to train the local government officials and community people on disaster preparedness and management, developing contingency plan for the Union Parishads etc. Besides, under disaster rehabilitation program funded by its different development partners, BURO implemented infra-structural facilities like low cost house construction, installation of tube well and sanitary latrine, rural road construction, ground raising, homestead raising etc.

In the devastating flood and severe cyclone Sidr in August and November 2007 respectively, BURO responds with huge amount of survival package for 260,478 affected families in 10 districts along with huge rehabilitation program.