Different need based activities on Health, Hygiene, Nutrition and Sanitation were undertaken by BURO Bangladesh for targeted participants with the support from different donors and thus made BURO experienced on those. Message dissemination was also included on exclusive breastfeeding, diarrhea prevention and management, immunization, common childhood illness, birth planning, micronutrients and value of diet diversification, food processing, storage and handling, hygiene and safe water, rights associated with family law, Family Planning and HIV/AIDS awareness. Under BURO Bangladesh the following activities were implemented:

  • Conducted courtyard session and Growth Monitoring and promotion(GMP) activities
  • Supplementary food distribution among the program participants
  • Ensuring the service for pregnant, lactating, adolescent, newly couple, children and others.
  • Enhancing the referral linkage with health and family planning service providers
  • Ensure Safe delivery by the skilled traditional birth attendance and Govt. skill personnel.
  • Ensure safe water and sanitation for protection any water born diseases