Listening to Customers

  • Respecting the customers as valued clients.
  • The program pivots on customers’ choice.
  • Rules and regulations change to the wishes of customers.

Customers Empowerment

  • Access to flexible and quality financial services for the poor.
  • Money management capacity through savings and loan activities.
  • Customer responsiveness as a key to the development of our organization.

Access to Information

  • The customers have every right to tally the passbooks with branch level transaction.
  • Customers have right to know what BURO Bangladesh is doing with their savings.

Financial Service is a right of the Poor Customers

  • The customers need a safe place to keep savings.
  • The customers have every right to withdraw savings whenever necessary.
  • Customers have a right for loan for the development and increasing income.

Quality Financial Service

  • Service that is timely.
  • Service that is prompt and quick.
  • Service that meets the customers’ needs.
  • Service that the customers can afford.

Financial Prudence

  • Cost recovery principle for service delivery to the customers.
  • Capacity to mobilize funds from commercial sources or market.
  • Capacity for financial management, audit and control.

Good Governance

  • Strategic vision/mission: A long-term perspective about what is needed by the customers, and BURO Bangladesh.
  • Responsiveness: Serving the interests of all stakeholders.
  • Transparency: A free flow of information between the organization and concerned stakeholders.
  • Accountability: Decision-makers must be answerable to the stakeholders and the organization.

Social and Development Commitment

  • Works with social mission to contribute poverty reduction.
  • Pursues commercial objective to provide sustainable microfinance service.